Libra Lady

The Libra Lady may look peaceable and lovely, but she has a core as true as steel.

She’ll think her way through any issue and deliver an answer which says six of one is the same as half a dozen of the other. She tries to be impartial, and succeeds most of the time. All reason, she’s rarely swayed by over-emotional appeals to the truth. Cool clarity is her aim and she has a charming way of getting what she wants.

A people person, she’s to be found in places where there are problems to solve, where oil can be poured on troubled waters. She’s a little at sea when the waters stay troubled, though. Then you might see a frown or two as she struggles to reach a decision.

Work for this woman is a must. She needs a place where her mind and clear judgement are appreciated. A compromiser by nature, she’s capable of finding angles no one else sees and this can sometimes lead to procrastination.

If you need someone who weighs up all the arguments, and has a tongue as charming as silver bells, then the Libra woman is the one for your workplace. She has a friendly approach to colleagues, but she won’t tolerate casual gossip.

Money is important. She’ll earn well, but she’ll want to indulge herself. She likes to be surrounded by luxury items and feels jangled if she finds herself in ugly surroundings. She’ll make the best use of her mind where she’s reminded of beauty and high ideals.

This woman needs a partner who will respond to her fine mind and loving ways. She’ll appreciate a mate who will occasionally indulge her need for tasteful surroundings, then she’ll feel loved and comfortable enough to exercise her clever wit.

This is a woman who will give sound advice in the softest words to a partner she values. Treat her honourably and she’ll blossom.

Her home will be tastefully decorated and soothing to be in. She’ll be easy going with children, not one too impose too much discipline. But she will stand up for them if she feels they’ve been unfairly treated. One thing she won’t stand for is disrespect. Her children will be expected to consider other people’s opinions and values as much as she does herself.

When she knows that she doesn’t have to calculate all the odds, then the Libra woman grows. She doesn’t always have to prove that she has a good mind and is a super strategist. Sometimes it’s necessary to take on board other people’s feelings.

This woman is happiest being the ambassadress at life’s ball. She enjoys the pleasure of communication. But she’s equally capable of keeping a firm hand on the tiller to stop the boat rocking. Velvet and iron are quite a combination to meet up with.

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my pride is stronger than my feelings. don’t try to play me.

i could think of you 24/7 and you still wouldn’t hear from me.

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Wow watta talent. I wish I’m like u.

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I don’t think so :(

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Years of love have been forgot
In the hatred of a minute
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Good Vibes HERE

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Deep shit.

Deep shit.


Can we go back?

Back to how we started,

back to when we first met.

We began as associates,

just meeting up at social events.

Then lead to venting, sharing, we connected,

and both became best friends.

Don’t you recall the moments?

But until one unexpected day,

we took advantage of all the…

Damn deep got me cry… piecesofmeee I miss you so damn much. And im so thankful for having you back in my life.

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#forgotten #life #long #love #over #pass #someone #stars #time #getover

#forgotten #life #long #love #over #pass #someone #stars #time #getover